Terms & Conditions

Fusion Bootcamp Terms & Conditions

1. Fusion Bootcamp is a trading name of Endeavour Personal Training in association with Harwell Campus.
2. Fusion Bootcamp operates two days a week, Tuesday & Friday 12:15pm - 1:00pm (start times might vary), on the grass area opposite building 163, during the spring/summer months July to October weather permitted.
3. Fusion Bootcamp is a boot camp/circuit style exercise class for the employees and associates of the companies based on the Harwell campus.
4. Fusion Bootcamp aim is to provide a group exercise class to support our clients with progressing their fitness, supporting wellbeing and a healthier life style.

Payment and bookings
1. Fusion Bootcamp requires pre-booking and payment through www.endeavourpt.ptminder.com . This is an online booking system, you will need to register for an account, once registered you can book for sessions up to 14 days in advance, payment for all sessions are taken at the time of booking.
2. Fusion Bootcamp requires a minimum of 8 clients per session to run. Fusion Bootcamp reserves the right to cancel a session if this requirement is not met.
3. Fusion Bootcamp askes that 24 hours notice is given for cancelation otherwise you may be charged for the session.
4. Fusion Bootcamp reserves the right to cancel the session if the trainer deems the weather or ground to be unsafe for the session or through illness of the trainer. In this instance the client will not be charged for the session and if applicable refunds will be given.


Health and safety
1. Before attending Fusion Bootcamp, it is a requirement that the client registers and fills in a health questionnaire, any medical conditions e.g. injuries, pregnancies must be disclosed on the form.
2. Upon participating in the sessions, it is the client’s responsibility to fully disclose to the trainer any health issues or medication that may prevent them from participation in a strenuous exercise program. The client must inform the trainer if there are any activities which the client does not feel comfortable doing, to cease and report promptly any unusual feelings to the trainer (chest pain, nausea, difficulty breathing).
3. In the event that the client provided false or misleading information about any existing health conditions or injuries and knowingly compromised his/her own health and safety Endeavour Personal Training cannot be held liable.


Liability & Waiver
1. The client understands that any activity or services provided by Endeavour Personal training involves some level of risk, by attending a group exercise program run by Endeavour Personal training the client agrees to assume these risks and agrees to release and discharge Endeavour Personal training and its trainers from any and all claims for liability.
2. Endeavour Personal training holds no liability whatsoever for any injuries past or present, when attending sessions, the client accepts and acknowledges that no exercise program is without inherent risk and regardless of the care taken by the trainer he/she cannot guarantee the clients personal safety.
3. The client agrees to and shall abide by any rules or instruction laid down by Fusion Bootcamp in regards to safety or proper practice. In the event that the client is found not to be following the rules or instruction provided by Fusion Bootcamp or its trainers they may be asked to leave the session or refused to joining future sessions.
4. Fusion Bootcamp will not be held responsible for any personal property or equipment that belongs to the client. Any belongings remain the sole responsibility of the individual.


Personal Data
Fusion Bootcamp uses an online booking system through PTminder.com. you will need to register with them online where you will be asked for the following information, Name, Email, phone number and Emergency contact number. Any other information you supply is optional. This is for the sole purpose of contacting you with regarding changes to sessions, we will not share your information with third parties. You can see full details of our Privacy Policy on the Endeavour Personal Training website. For more information on how PTminder keeps your information safe online please see their privacy policy on their website.

You have the right to ask for your personal details to be removed from our system at any time.


Social media & website
From time to time we may ask for your consent to use images/ videos of you training to used for the purpose of promotions on our website and social media pages. We will always gain your consent before we take any photos/ videos, this will be in the form of a consent form. You have the right to remove consent at any time.