Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Endeavour Personal Training we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our clients. This policy explains how and why we collect personal information, how we keep it secure and the time period we keep the records for.

All personal information gathered about our clients will be done so in the presence of the client at their initial consultation onto a hard copy, we will ask the client to provide us with the following personal information:
• Full Name
• Date of birth
• Address
• Contact details, phone number, email address
• Emergency contact details
• GP Details
• Medical History and health assessment

The purpose of this information is to enable the trainer to:
• Contact details are used for the following, to contact the client regarding booking sessions, change of session times, cancellations and payments.
• GP Details and Emergency contact details will only be used in the event of injury whist training when the trainer deems it necessary to do so.
• Medical Details and Health Assessment are gathered to provide the trainer with the information to provide the client with an individual program taking into account all the clients requirements.

Clients that request weight loss may also ask the trainer to keep a record of progress, in this instance the trainer will record this information on a separate form that will be kept in the clients file along with all other confidential information.


How We Keep Your Information Safe
Here at Endeavour Personal Training we take the confidentiality of our clients seriously and we will do our best to ensure that it is keep safe and not shared with any other party without the prior permission from the client.

At Endeavour Personal Training we hold your information in a hard copy format, all clients have an individual file marked clearly with the client’s name and this is then held in a secure locked filing cabinet in our home office. Clients details/folders are only taken up to the studio on the day they are booked into train, files are then kept in a locked cabinet at the studio.


Online Booking System (Cloud based)
Here at Endeavour Personal Training we use an online booking system, the system we use is BobClass you can find details of their own privacy policy & terms and conditions on the following link: Access to this account is password protected and only Dave Archer has access to this on his iPad and iPhone.

We keep the information we put on the system to an absolute minimum.
• Full Name
• Contact Number
• Email Address


Information Sharing
At Endeavour Personal Training we have a confidential relationship with our clients and we respect their rights with regards to knowing who has rights to access their personal information. Apart from Dave Archer, Proprietor of Endeavour Personal Training we have some external trainers who train clients on our behalf. We will always ask consent from the client to share their information with the named trainer. The external trainer will follow this policy with regards to confidentiality and will keep all personal information secure.


Other Professional Agencies
There may be times when other professional agencies such as GP’s, Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation therapists may request on the client’s behalf that we share information about their progress. All requests must be put in writing to Dave Archer at Endeavour Personal Training, he will then seek written consent from the client before disclosing any information. The Client will then be given a copy of any information shared on request as is their right under the Data Protection Act 2018.


Data Protection
Endeavour Personal Training will not share client’s personal data with any third parties for any reason without prior consent from the client. Such data will only be collected, processed and held in accordance with the statuary rights and obligation under the provisions and principles of the Data Protection act 2018.


Data Retention
Endeavour Personal Training will retain clients details for a period of up to one year after the client has terminated their contract with us or in accordance with any time scale that may be set out by our insurers at the time. At Endeavour personal training we respect the rights of the individual to see any information we may hold. We also respect that the individual has the right to request that any personal data be removed from our system in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We will ensure that we destroy all documentation that contains any personal information in an appropriate manner by blanking out personal details and then shredding the documentation.


Social Media and Website
Endeavour Personal Training has a website that we use for promoting the business and for providing clients with information about the services we offer. We will not ask clients at any time to put any personal information through the website. We ask clients to contact us through the if they want further information, we do not email our clients with promotional spam.

Endeavour Personal Training uses the following social media sites for publicity and promotions:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram

These are public access sites and we do not hold any information about our followers.

From time to time we may use images of our trainers and clients on our web site and social media pages for the purpose of demonstration and publicity. We will always seek written consent from all parties involved to use any images before they are uploaded to the site. We acknowledge and respect the right of the individual if at a later date they wish us to remove an image it will be taken down from the site.

If you have any Questions in connection with our policy please contact us on

Dave Archer
Proprietor Endeavour Personal Training


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