Personal Trainer

At Endeavour we offer the highest quality personal training to all clients. We offer a vast range of services to ensure we give you the best chance of success.

We believe that you are an individual and that setting realistic personal goals through 'a programme uniquely designed for you' will help you reach your optimum leave of fitness. Before you start any exercise programme we complete a full fitness assessment including BMI, blood pressure, peak flow (lung power) FVC (lung volume) body composition analysis, cardiovascular fitness and a flexibility test. With this information we then design a programme specifically for your needs.


Personal training is the most effective way of reaching your targets by giving you the structure, motivation and consistency you need to succeed. Each session with your trainer will ensure you are on track to achieving your goals with new and exciting exercises that are both safe and effective.


Whether your goals are to enhance your sporting performance by improving your power, speed and agility, or simply to be able to live a pain free healthy lifestyle by improving your posture, balance and co ordination; then here at Endeavour we have the skills and the knowledge to help you!


My Oxfordshire personal trainer services include:

• Full body assessment (asymetry, injury)

• Consultation (dislikes, likes, routine)

• Progressive unique programme designed

• Goal setting

• Injury prevention & rehab (where required)

• Record of your progress


About Dave Archer

My interest in training started at the age of 16. I was never the biggest of guys at school and I was always a little conscious of my small frame, so I visited my local gym and found I liked the changes that were happening as I started to add size and shape. After many years as an engineer I decided to make a career change and retrained as a personal trainer with Premier International. After qualifying I worked in the gym at the Wantage Leisure Centre as a personal trainer/class instructor. After a few years I moved to a local private gym where I worked with clients of all ages and abilities and this helped expand my knowledge and provided me with the experience and confidence to start up Endeavour Personal Training.

"Many of you will know that I've never been keen on going to the gym or a fan of strenuous exercise, but for the last 9 Saturday mornings at 8am have been good and its thanks to Dave at Endeavour Personal Training, believing in me and encouraging me all the way. Today was a proud day as I managed to do 40 sits ups, what an achievement as when I started I struggled to do 10. Thank you Dave"

Amanda Chapman, Oxfordshire

"If you're committed then he certainly is! Dave is an excellent motivator and knows how to personalise the programme to your abilities. Professional, dedicated and a genuinely nice guy."

Karen Goodchild, Oxfordshire